Immigration Nation

Like all Brits my ancestors did at some point emigrate to this lush green island. Britain is a wonderful place and yes, its heritage is an important aspect of that. However one of its more dynamic and welcomed traits and often the elephant in the room for politicians is multiculturalism.

Whether you’re Muslim, Christian, Gay, Straight, German or Indian, all are rightly welcomed.

queen india

Britain has long been a place for all who are willing to contribute to both its rich cultural tapestry and in service to it. However, I have reached a level of acceptance that Britain could have a deficit problem looming on the horizon if it does not at some point prioritise its current citizens, of all nationalities, over further economic migration.

Regardless these are human lives we are talking about and talking about them in such terms as ‘taking back Britain’ should be a complete nonstarter. For a modern nation such as ours it is disgusting that fascist rhetoric is used with such wilful abandon.

First of all we must guarantee the rights of every EU national who has moved here pre-Brexit, whenever that might be.

Migrant workers are not causing our economy harm, quite the opposite right now and any issue we might face is in the long grass. On top of which they should not be used as bargaining chips caught betwixt a twisted system which even somebody with a vague political understanding cannot wrap their mind around. What is wrong with our current Government that this simple act is beyond them?


It is correct to note that the Government already has controls with which to remove those who are clearly here to take advantage of the welfare system which I and millions of other socialists cherish, however it is also wise that we accept the possibility that total freedom of movement could at some point tip into being a burden rather than an asset. Surely a needs based system is by far the most beneficial for all concerned, but why put a number on our needs when those needs are constantly evolving? At the same time we must afford the state the powers it requires to deal with whatever challenges come next.

I realise that to our EU national friends this seems rather scary. Which is why it should be made explicit that they and their family members retain the ability to live here, it is a small price to pay for harmony and above all in respect of the sense of fairness and compassion that makes this country truly great.

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