Has Brexit been HyperNormalised?

Between what seems to be a never ending cycle of Brexit shaped shenanigans punctuated by the rantings of the self-styled Brexiteers and Remainers, I wonder to myself – is it quite the nadir it is cracked up to be or can it be rationalised? Are we heading for a cliff edge, or merely down a path of which we have too little working knowledge of what lies ahead?

Has Brexit been HyperNormalised?

Brexit has become such a burning issue in British politics that it is now impossible to separate Party from it. I do indeed support a party who are now for want of a better phrase ‘pro Brexit’, or at the very least they are not anti the idea. So I have toiled with this issue and in doing so it has forced me to look into why a party whose values I hold dear are choosing this path of unknowable consequence.

The overriding reason why I put my X in the ‘No’ box was because of the drowning noise of Churchillian nonsense which emanated angrily from the leave campaign. ‘WE WANT OUR BRITAIN BACK!” was the cry and like many others I was left wondering, which version of Britain do they think we live in? This was my chance to kick back at the notion which I feel has hampered this island from being a forward thinking democracy for far too long. Even Churchill in his latter days knew that the Victorian ideals were long dead, Thatcher then tried to rebuild this fantasy through economics, whilst wilfully ignoring the pain felt at the lower end of society. In the mind of the public this was how they sought to vote on Brexit, the idea of sovereignty vs one of cooperation. Rule Britannia vs Cool Britannia.

A year on, I am still struggling to decide when and if leaving the EU could be beneficial for the UK.

The aim of the establishment has been to simplify this decision, not to assist us to make the correct choice but to lead us into drawing a line in the sand and prevent us from engaging in sensible adult debate. To obscure the truth, whatever it may be, from our view.

Hard Brexit vs Soft Brexit, the reality of Brexit is far more complex than presented. However those complexities are not insurmountable. It is incumbent upon us to reject their deplorable scaremongering, cut through the bullshit and ignite in discussion.  Even if that means giving voice to those we fundamentally disagree with.

Only then can we find common ground on which to take our fight to the top.


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